Do you find your thinking gets cloudy when you are out and about for too long?

More than likely your face is collecting too much of the dirty energy around you.

Here’s another useful tip we promised you last week.

When you go out or travel…especially around crowded area. This is a great tip to remember.

Carry a small face towel with you. So you can wipe your face each time you feel it has collected too much of the energies around you. You’ll especially want to wipe the area between your eyes. The area referred as your third eye. Usually this area is the first to  get blocked. By physically cleaning and massaging this area with a clean wet towel, you can better maintain clarity of your thoughts and intuitions.

If you have done many travels or gone out in crowded areas, you know by experience. Your thoughts can get cloudy at times and your intuitions gets blocked because you’ve soaked up too much dirty energies around. And you end up making decisions you are not too happy with when you regain your full awareness.

This is a helpful tool.

This can help you keep your awareness and thinking clear. And prevent you to some extent from falling prey to negative dirty energies…

Be sure to drop us a comment on how this technique works for you. Share with us your working tips that has helped you keep your thinking sharp in the comment area down below.


Do you find yourself constantly soaking up other people’s emotions and energies?

Does this suck the life out of you and left you feeling drain?

Want to cut that automatic connection?

Here’s a cool quick trick to do just that. You can start immediately.

Find a comfortable pair of sunglass.

Put it on.

Is it that really easy?


I’ve tried it on. I used it while driving, riding on the light rails,  and in crowded areas. It seems to do the trick. Somehow,  sunglasses block or chop up most of the energies others are shooting across. This gives me a nice little break. As before, I am forces to take all their stuff in just because I look their direction. Regardless if I want to read their energies or not.

That’s my little trick for today.

Let me know below how this technique has work for you by writing in your comment below.

And be sure to tune in for more practical tips next week.


These three simple steps are the hidden SECRET to master your emotions. How to stop suffering and self-sabotaging yourself with negativity. You can start creating the life you want, no matter where you are now. You still have power in yourself to make the changes you want. Its not your fault because we were never taught how to control emotions. Most of those around us don’t know how to control theirs either.

I have never came across somebody who has put it so perfectly. As I was listening to Dr.Wyatt Woodsmall and Eben Pagan’s training program, “Leadership: You, Me & We”, Dr. Woodsmall put it so eloquently. Negative emotion drains energy. Positive emotion gives energy. In order to get rid of negative emotions, you first must know where it is coming from. As Wyatt explains it, negative and positive emotions both came from the same place. It’s up to us to CHOOSE how we want to be.

By practicing these steps below, you and I can get there…

Here are the 3 Steps to Eliminating Negative Emotion and Creating Positive Emotion:

Step 1: Change the pictures we create in our head. It is apparent we must diligently keep guard at the gates of our mind to only let the things we want in. Perception plays a huge role in what kinds of emotion we’ll experience. It triggers our body to tense up or to relax and act accordingly to the images we perceived and create in our minds.

Watch your mind throughout the day. What kind of images are you catching yourself making? Are they scary images, fear images, images of scarcity and lack?

Want to end these negative emotions?

How? The answer is… stop creating the pictures that feed negative emotion.

And if you want to be happy, create and focus on happy pictures. Flood your mind with images of what you want to create positive emotion. Control the pictures you create. Know you have a choice to choose the pictures you put in your head and focus on.

Step 2: Change your tonality. The way you speak to yourself. If you speak to yourself in a angry tone, then you’ll feel angry. If you speak to yourself in a victim tone, they you’ll feel defeated and sorry for yourself. And if you want to feel happy, then simply shift your voice…speak to yourself positively by changing the tonality of your voice.

Step 3: Change your physiology. Shift your physiology by adjusting your posture, movement, and breathing. How you hold yourself together will greatly affect your state of being.  It can either disempower you or energize you.

For example, right now…sit up straight, relax your body, roll back your shoulders and open your chest, and hold your head high. How do you feel? Can you feel your emotional state change simply just by adjusting your physiology?

Becoming aware that both our negative and positive emotion originates from our pictures, our tonality, and our physiology is the start to changing our feeling. By changing these, you can shift your outcome… Eliminating the negative emotions that no longer serve you and start creating positive ones that better serve you in your journey forward.

Once you can start to control your emotions…And become in charge again and no longer a victim to it. You’ll be able to move throughout the range of emotion and have choice and flexibility to select the emotion you wish to feel  as you increase your emotional intelligence. No longer will you be stuck in a chronic state. Emotion is a choice. You are now free at last to make your choice!


“Wi-Fi ate my brain!”

If exposed to it long enough, some individuals starts to feel totally aloof or not even there (like a daze) and lack concentration and focus. They may even begin to experience headaches, a pressure tightness in their head, and become nauseous and dizzy. At times, they may even feel short temper and irritated when their body and skins starts to heat up. And they may have this feeling of “I have to leave.”

It’s a very weird feeling because symptoms from wi-fi (wireless internet) can vary from person to person. It seems those who best understand somehow feel most sensitive to electromagnetic waves and electronic frequency or knows someone they care displaying the adverse effects of wi-fi radiation. Individuals can empathize when they can see the wi-fi harms on people or/and  feel the symptoms as opposed to someone who can not pick it up.

It’s not a pretty experience. Some may feel sickly after being expose. And need to detox it from their system in order to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally better.

ONLY certain percentage of the population displays immediate sensitivity to wi-fi effect…Showing strong signs and symptoms of adverse effect. I love Dr. Magda Havas’ example (in the video clip above) of how some can be allergic to certain food like peanuts but others aren’t affected by it. Same thing happening here. Just because many can’t sense it themselves, doesn’t mean it’s not harming the few who experience and FEELS the effects…Yeah, why don’t we just tell those individuals with peanut intolerance to, “Eat it…peanuts are 100% safe.”

Check out the video clip above, if you suspect yourself or someone you know might be susceptible to wi-fi radiation poisoning.


It’s summer time… and exciting movies are coming out this year.

Just for fun. Let’s play an exciting guessing game!

It’s call “Search for Celebrity Empaths”.

Let’s see how good your empath detection skills are.

Who do you think and suspect are famous empath celebrity?

  • (A.) Gwyneth Paltrow
  • (B.) Keanu Reeves
  • (C.) Ashley Judd
  • (D.) Kim Basinger
  • (E.) Jim Carrey
  • (F.) All of the  above
  • (G.) Only A, D, and E

Vote who you think is an empath.

Leave us your answer in the comment section below.  :-)


Are you sharing your empathic experience with others…and getting blank stares back…as if you were crazy?

It’s understandable because if they can’t relate then it’s a little more challenging to GET what is being shared. But that doesn’t mean what we are feeling isn’t real or invalid.

Take for instance, back in the coal mining days, they use to put a canary in the coal mine. So if there is any methane gas or deadly fumes (that’s undetectable to the human nose)…then the canary will die. This is the first sign of warning that something is seriously wrong. And miners need to evacuate the premises immediately.

As empaths, we work similar like that. We are the canaries in the coal mine. (But let’s hope that’s not all we are good for.)

We have a very keen sensitive system that allows us to pick up things faster. And like the canary, have a much more sensitive body structure that can easily detect things before hand. Which means we get affected easily. It’s just the way our body’s and energy field is structured. It’s not bad. It just is.

So for example when you eat something like processed food or hormonal meat versus grass feed meat – and you feel off – maybe it just doesn’t taste right, and it makes you queasy, you get a migraine, tired, sleepy, or feeling like you been eating something totally unnatural. That’s the canary in you signaling…warning this is bad stuff – not good for our body.

As compared to someone with more tolerance. You know them. You seen them. They just seem to eat whatever. And still be able to function. The processed food, the chemicals, the food additives, the preservatives just doesn’t seem to affect them that much. (At least not in the short term that is noticeable to them.) As opposed to you. A few bites of highly unnatural meat or processed food and it sends your head spinning. The next few hours or days, you feel like crap, as if you were partying and drinking all night long. And you’ll be detoxing and trying to recuperate from it if you ever it eat again…

Many of us empath might not know it yet, but due to our sensitive nature, we have to eat differently if we want to function at our optimal and reclaim our high vibrant energy back.

The food you choose to eat can kill or heal you. It’s a decision you have to make daily. It’s a choice that determines whether you keep your energy or be zapped of your energy – and even open the gateway to more negative unwanted energies.

This is by far the most crucial part for all empaths and highly sensitive individuals. You just don’t have that much cushion to play around with.

Eat the right food that will help fuel and power you. So you can continue to do what you are put on this earth to do. Live fully…and spread you gifts and beautiful talents to the world!

So What Do I Eat?

Watch this video below from Dr. Terry Wahls as she shares her experience and discovery on how food affected her sensitive system… And how she overcame it.

Discovered the best foods and eating secrets that help her fuel her body and mind to the maximum health state.

And when you are ready to transform your life, eat to raise your energy– and increase your high vibration… Check out Certified Nutrition Consultant, Rose Cole’s life changing program “10-Week Transformation”. She’ll show you step by step on how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat to maximize your energy and keep you in your high vibe mode all day long…


You know what’s tough about being an empath? We tend to feel others’ emotions and physical pains intensely. So much so that if we weren’t fully aware of our own state we’d likely confuse their pain and feelings as our own.

As much as we like to BLAME others for making us feel this way or that way… We just can’t afford to do so.


Well, if we lower ourselves to “why me” we start feeling weak. We start viewing ourselves as the VICTIM of others emotions – powerless to do anything. Then we risk lowering our vibrations. Which could mean a lot of things…

When we see ourselves as a victim. We get depressed. We don’t want to do anything anymore. Things just seem to look dark and gloomy for us.

Trust me… we can not afford to let our awareness down. That just makes cracks for more dirtier vibrations to come in and feed on our misery.

Ever heard of that saying, “Misery loves company.”

Well, it’s true.

When we’re down in this lower self – feeling defeated and blaming the world for all our troubles –  we pick up MORE negative thoughts, impulses, unwanted emotions and pain. We attract MORE of that similar lower vibration! We are doing ourselves a huge disservice.

What can we do about it?

The first step is acceptance. As empaths, it’s crucial we learn this one phrase: “It is what it is.” And learn to accept it is what it is. Afterwards, look for solutions – little things here and there – we know we can change to help us grow, learn, and THRIVE.

Here are 3 solutions you can use – after accepting what is – to stay in higher vibration:

  • Eating Healthy. Clean your body. Take care of it.  Put only premium fuel (food) in it.  This is one of the most crucial part of the puzzle. More importantly it’s one of the things we have total control over. You are in complete control of what you put into your body. We can always choose Healthy Foods to Eat.
  • Letting Go of Emotions. Clean emotional junk you’ve been holding onto. Take a look  at the emotions that are surfacing. Is there more to it? Do you need to feel your feelings and let that go?

  • Breathing. Breathe. You’ll be surprise how many of us are shallow breathing (me included). We can retrain our body to breathe deeply – like back when we were babies – from the diaphragm. This one thing can help us relax and let go of tension we hold in our body. This reduces so much unnecessary stress on our entire system.

So what’s the one thing you are doing to stay in high vibration after reading this article?


Below is an EmpathSolutions Forum question from one of our reader, Michael. In this post I’ll be answering Michael’s questions and going over traits specifically towards “thought empaths”… And how a thought empath can cultivate their telepathy abilities.

Question From A Reader:

I am a very sensitive Empath, and love it (mostly)! I learned the term Empath less then 2 weeks ago. Since then I have discovered my uncle, aunt, female cousin, and 3 girls I know are Empaths. A few days ago I had the pleasure of driving on of the Empaths home. This was my first interaction with her. As I was driving, she was giving me directions, I was stunned to realize I felt her thoughts (i.e. a sensation within me that meant “left”). No emotional content, just pure thought. Her thoughts were somewhat erratic, and she had a strong external (not internal) focus, making it much less likely her thoughts could be clearly perceived, but there they were, crystal clear.

Several years prior, during highschool summer vacation I was walking on a side walk alone, and a small group was walking towards me. As they approached, I perceived a thought from a girl, “you’re not bad looking” (again with no emotional energy attached). I replied (in thought) “you’re not bad yourself”. After we passed, the girl turned, as I did, and we stared at each other for a few moments. I could tell she heard me, and was equally confused. Until understanding this Empath thing, I didn’t know what to make of this (just another unexplained mystery in my life). Now I get it. With some people I feel their thoughts. Telepathy, without having some direct experience, it would have been very difficult to convince me telepathy was possible. I understand perceiving someone’s thoughts when the thoughts have an emotional charge. Without the energy behind it, I have always had difficulty understanding how thoughts can be perceived. It’s easy enough to convey what emotions and energies feel like, but I don’t know if I could accurately explain what a thought “feels like”.

There is another, more subtle phenomenon I experience (much more frequently). When I am with someone (that I have known, or just met), I often sense their thought patterns, again without emotions attached. I can take a situation, or decision, and project that into the lucid grasp I have of their thinking, and “perceive” how their mind/thinking would respond. This perception makes it possible for me to grasp how they would think without being in their presence. It doesn’t seem as though I am connecting with the person during this interpretation, it’s more like I have a template of their thinking. The insight I get through this type of perception of another is amazing, and useful.

As an example, I interacted with a friend’s wife, while helping them develop their business. Without previously understanding her, I perceived thought tendencies, that made it possible to explain to my friend specifically how his wife’s thinking interfered with the group dynamics. My friend couldn’t understand how I gained such an intimate knowing of his wife’s thinking after an hour of interaction. When he asked how I gained that perception, I told him I sense energy and emotions from others. But this was neither energy nor emotions, this was “perceiving” (feeling doesn’t seem accurate) her mind and thinking process.

I have always been keenly interested in what I refer to as “understanding the mind”. It seems as though that interest has been driven by my instinctive need, as an Empath, to connect with others. I’m wondering if my interest in “understanding the mind” has help to cultivate this lucid perception. (I intimately understand the power of attention.)

These phenomenon seem loosely similar because of the lack of emotion/energy driving them. (I know everything is energy, in it’s most basic form, but the emotion provides the “voltage” behind the thoughts, and there was none.) I sort of get the telepathy thing, but I NEED to understand the second phenomenon. Are these Empath traits, or is something else going on??? Any insight would be immensely appreciated.
Thank you for your thoughts.

-Michael L.


Faey’s Answer:

Hi Michael,

I am glad to hear you are loving your new abilities. It’s always nice to discover more about ourselves. Connecting and knowing more and more of who we are as individuals and how we function really help us grow and gain understanding…And make even better choices!

Your curiosity and interest in what you refer to as “understanding the mind” is quite expected. Most of us tend to be more drawn to what innately is our strength and skills. And yes, this very interest you have can help you deeply connect to that part of you more strongly and help you cultivate those experiences more.

The occurrences you wrote about are very good experiences. Those will come in handy to help you understand just exactly “how you tap into your abilities.”

One thing I do notice from “thought” empaths is that they tend to be very mind creative. What I mean is as a thought empath, one who is able to tap into others thoughts, you know that you are indeed reading the other person’s thought and not creating the perceived thought yourself.

It’s still best to get third party perspective – feedback from someone else – to know for sure you are indeed “reading their thoughts”…Until you’ve more fully developed the skill.

Best way is to practice with animals, babies or another person (who you trust and feel comfortable with to give you feedback). Just to test your readings. Most likely, another thought empath…with similar abilities can be a tremendous help for you on this. You want to see if you can still do the same thing. Reading their thoughts and what they are sending out… and how consistent is your ability to do this.

Use this technique to practice, practice, and practice to hone that skill. This will also help you differentiate their thoughts versus your created thoughts.

As for “these phenomenon seem loosely similar because of the lack of emotion/energy driving them. (I know everything is energy, in it’s most basic form, but the emotion provides the “voltage” behind the thoughts, and there was none.)” My explanation to you Michael is that when someone cleans their emotion (especially the energy charges behind certain experiences in their life) when they create thoughts, sometimes it’s just pure thought and there’s no heavy emotional charge (emotion/energy driving) behind the thought. Never the less the thought still comes through clearly if not more sharper!

Thanks again for your questions…And participating in the Forum!

With love and appreciation,


What an exciting time it is…

I decided to reward myself with more health tools this year (…both for my birthday Dec 18th and Christmas!)

I can’t think of a better gift and way of starting this celebration with a big blast.

Which is why, I want to extend this  invite to you… come join me in this new adventure with holistic health nutritionist, Rose Cole in

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You can follow my progress the next 10+ weeks here on my other blog. Here’s what I’m expecting to get out of it:

  • How to eat for optimal maximum energy… keeping energized and mentally sharp all day long!
  • How to end digestive issues and milk all the nutrition from what I eat.
  • How to get rid of  my last 20 stubborn belly weight!
  • And what to eat and what not to eat to stay sharp and energized (…especially great for individuals  like me with food sensitives and needs to eat towards low-carbs and gluten-free diets.)
  • Have amazing glowing radiance, be calm, center, and feeling great!

…But that’s not all, you can see all the benefits on Rose’s page here.

So there’s a lot more… (can’t wait to discover them all.)

Does this excite you?

I know I am…

So what are you waiting for?

…join me.

Let’s dive in… Discover and reveal our true radiance. Reward ourselves with even more health and give ourselves the  gift of feeling energized and healthy for the rest of our lives. Make this your Christmas present too. Heck, let’s start the new year early. (They do say 2012 is a year of change)… So let’s rock this new year with an exciting new energy, radiance, and well-being all around. Feeling great in our body, mind, emotion, and spirit. We deserve all the best life has to offer!

Let’s enjoy Rose Cole’s 10 Week Transformation Program together!

Cheers to our journey to health & feeling fantastic,


Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) often find themself in stressful situations due to their highly sensitive system. Not catching early on their sensitivity often wrecks havoc for them making it challenging for them to cope with stress.

If not realized and handled earlier with a stress coping skills. They may find themselves in involved in addictive harmful habits. Watching to much tv, drinking excessively, gambling uncontrollably, involve in drug abuse, and binge eating. Many obsessive behaviors and types of addiction may developed for highly sensitive people in an attempt to relief stress and pressure from the ever demanding world.

Which is why it is so crucial for empaths and HSP to find stress management techniques that work for them when it comes to dealing with stress.

Below are some healthy alternatives for empaths & HSP to COPE with their sensitivities:


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