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Complete Empath Toolkit

"I feel more grounded in my daily life after putting these techniques to the test.  I feel stronger, and more in control, not only of my OWN emotions, but also those I take in from others.  What once felt like a heavy heart now feels like a ticklish whir in my chest most of the time. This is a must-have for all natural empaths and highly sensitive people."

                                                                   - Jen Freer, MI.


If you've ever had the experience of easily feeling other people's emotional states, and are able to feel subtle spiritual or emotional energy, then the chances are that you are an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person.

If you're an empath or sensitive person, you will generally have the following traits:


You are a good listener, often a magnet for other people's stories.
You feel emotions deeply and cry easily, often for no reason.
You have good intuition, especially when it comes to other people. You can 'just know' what someone might be experiencing.
You may often become over-stimulated in public places like malls.

My name is Dr. Michael Smith.  I've been working professionally in empath consulting for the last 20 years, and my goal is to help all emotionally and energy sensitive individuals to blend the best of Western psychology and self-improvement techniques with the time-tested traditions of Eastern, indigenous, and holistic medicine.  Over 950,000 individuals have downloaded materials at my websites, for a very good reason.  The system works! 

My studies have taken me to the far reaches of the globe from tribal villages in rural Asia to Indian reservations here in the United
States.   I've had the benefit and pleasure to learn from some of the most talented and humble indigenous leaders, shamans, medicine men/women, channels, and healers.    

And along the way, I picked up a degree.....(or four)!    :)

And now it's time for me to share that knowledge with my fellow empaths, and those who are spiritually, emotionally, or energetically sensitive.  I am honored that you are interested in my writings and audio series.

Although the Complete Empath Toolkit series is described as being for empaths or highly sensitive people, you don't have to identify with either of those words or labels to benefit from this information.  

You just have to want to learn how to better manage your energy and connect more deeply with your Divine, intuitive, and Spiritual gifts.  That's what all of this information will help you to do.

Dr. Michael R. Smith
The Complete Empath Toolkit:  
44 Practical Steps to Master Your Energy 
and Reclaim your Personal Power

In 3 eBooks and 8 hours of audio instruction, you will explore techniques and methods based on over 15 years of serious study in energy psychology, natural healing, shamanism, and metaphysics.

I may be biased, as the author, but I know that you are going to love this Complete Empath Toolkit.  

You're going to love this book because it goes beyond much of what has been put together for empaths and highly sensitive people. It has been a massive undertaking to put this package of 3 eBooks and 8 hours of audio instruction together. 

Plus, I know time is a scarce resource for you. You're busy with life, work, and taking care of other people. Let alone, you are probably burden with handling other people's stuff.

This eBook and the materials are designed to help you learn practices and techniques to take care of yourself. By doing so, you'll bring in more peace and freedom for yourself and those around you.

This book is especially put together with the empath and highly sensitive person in mind.  I've already done the work of creating, researching, and gathering these resources and putting it in one place.

In this eBook package. I've made it convenient for you to learn the skills I picked up along my 15 years of serious study as a polarity therapist, yogi, astrologer, Ph.D. counselor, and apprentice with several Native American healers.   You too can tap into that same stream of wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down.

You don't have to go through the frustrations, trial and errors of dodging endless obstacles to arrive at workable solutions and empowering yourself.  

Plus, I've also made it easy for you to digest the information by including detail  diagrams, tables, links, resources, pictures, concrete action steps with every lesson.  It's a true "how-to" guide.  "An encyclopedia for empaths," said Caroline G. 

You can unlock the secrets this very minute...


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“If I read a book that cost me $20 and I get one good idea, I’ve gotten one of the greatest bargains of all time.”

~ Tom Peters


So... How About Hundreds of Useful Good Ideas?


  • Harnessing the healing power of the elements for healing (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, Ether).
  • Working with animal spirits & how to dialogue with your animal guides. 
  • Calling forth the energies of the planets. 
  • How to use the power of the plant kingdom.
  • Tinctures. 
  • Elixirs.   
  • Preserving and using sexual energy for healing.  
  • Sacred Geometry. 
  • Color Therapy.  
  • Intuition Development Exercises. 
  • How to use the power of the Four Directions & how they are related to the Cross (a symbol of protection for empaths). 
  • Calling forth and developing a relationship with protective spirits. 
  • An exercise to allow you to see the human aura and energy field; it works in 85 percent of individuals who attempt it.

And more....


  • Protection for empaths when using money. 
  • The healthiest position to place the body to release negative energy.
  • Using your empath powers to open and work with your assemblage point. 
  • 'Brain gym' for unified consciousness.   
  • Shifting Consciousness with dimensional work. 
  • The best foods for empaths to promote grounding
  • How to automatically bypass the ego/mind and trust your intuition. 
  • How to use the tongue to eliminate trauma and old energy. 
  • Creating your own personal shield
  • Reflexology - the quickest and best exercises specific for empaths. 
  • Energy Technology to clear chakras. 
  • The best stones & crystals to fine tune and balance your sensitivity
  • Powerful energy 'tune-up' exercises that take only seconds.      
  • Harnessing and preserving sexual energy as an empath. 
  • The 'Law of the Cure' and how to use it to clear negative energy.    
  • Male vs. Female energy and why it's important for sensitive people. 
  • How to talk to your organs - and have them respond. 
  • Archangelic energies for healing and protection.  
  • How to harness the power of the breath. 
  • Alternate nostril breathing and why it's so important.  
  • How to use Rajasic and Tamasic energy. 
  • How to merge consciousness and pray to the Fire Spirit. 
  • What is a Channupa - and how you as an empath can become one. 
  • What is a Heyoka - and why it's important for you as an empath!   
  • Symbols, numbers, Cranial-Sacral fluid, Remote Viewing; 

I could go on....and on.....there is a lot more!   It's written with a good dose of my experiences and spiritual adventures; and all of the eBooks include practical, useful, and extremely helpful steps for you to master your energy as an empath, indigo, and/or sensitive person.

This course is a true method of living your life as a sensitive person and navigating the sea of energy of which we are all made.

“The difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read.”

~ Jim Rohn

Check Out the Toolkit PackageNow 

I am literally giving information and techniques for empaths that would cost several hundred dollars if you learned it through having multiple sessions with me or anyone else.   A lot of this is information unique for empaths that you won't find elsewhere (e.g. techniques are new, novel, and designed by yours truly).  With the addition of the new 'Personal Mentoring Summits', this may be even a more convenient and affordable way for you to receive the benefits contained in my classes or my personal coaching.

... And if you have just found out you're an empath or have been traveling on this road for a while spinning your wheels, or just don't know where to begin, this is a great place to start.


The Complete Empath Toolkit

“I was searching the web for goodies to treat my empathic self, and I found this - a white-foamy-marshmallow-under-the-fire-kind of goody. This is a great book - full of stories that are impactful on soul levels. I guess in a word my feeling right now is "relief" [that I'm not alone]. Some of what was written felt like it was written about me! I'm going to take awhile to process this.  Dr. Smith's work is superb and reminds me of Dr. Judith Orloff's books. I've learned so much about empath ability and how to cope with sensitivity..”

                        - Unsolicited Anonymous Reviewer


Every order will receive Michael's

two Amazon #1 best-selling
professional audio seminars on Mp3


The Empath Experience Audio Seminar:
Shifting the Paradigm and 

Rewriting your Story
(40 Minute Mp3)

$18 Value

In this Audio seminar you will learn:

* The radical paradigm shift that will change the way you view your life as a energetically sensitive empath.

* How banning 6 "off-limits" words in your vocabulary will make your life easier as an empath.

* How to deepen your intuitive listening skills to make sense of all of your empath energy input.

* How to tap the power of your two additional "brains" & go beyond the ego. 

* A structured meditation to dialogue with and open your heart chakra.

* How to alleviate empathic & spiritual suffering through the empath burden cure.

* How to literally re-write your life story to create more of what you want.


intuitive empath

Empath Intuition:
Using your Body as an Oracle
(40 Minutes Mp3)

$18 Value

* A method to tame the Ego  & all of your mental chatter.

* How to become grounded as an empath... finally!

* How to receive psychic answers by formulating a proper intuitive question.

*  The biggest false belief regarding intuition and how to remove it.

* How to connect to your Spirit Guides & Guardians.

* How to channel your Highest Self using creativity.

* How to understand symbols, the language of Spirit.  

* How to create your own Symbols for Spirit communication and answers.

Both Seminars Included FREE With Every Purchase
Download link sent with order.

Dr. Smith's BONUS 61-page E-BOOK
"How to Interpret Your Dreams"

complete empath toolkit

8+ hours worth of Additional Classes 
The best of all Dr. Michael Smith's Teleclasses & Empath Q&A sessions. 

The topics include:

* Developing Healthy Relationships 
* Overcoming Narcissistic Relationships 
* Overcoming Addictions
* Shamanism 
* Mediumship & Connecting to Spirit 

Dr. Michael Smith's popular eBook"Navigating The Shift: Thriving in Earth's New Age"

  (142 pages)

intuitive empath

The first book of it's kind for empaths to achieve personal transformation in this powerful time of spiritual change.
($22.00 Value)


Two full-length interview Transcripts 
of Empath Q & A sessions with Dr. Michael Smith


Your VIP invitation to an exclusive free 90-min Personal Mentoring Group Summits

Date to be Announced.

Invitations are limited to purchasers of this package only. In these VIP small group summits, you'll have an opportunity to ask questions & receive personal mentoring. 

(Recordings will be made available if you can't attend live.) 
(Dr. Smith's small group mentoring/healing normally costs $395.)




Free Empath Empowerment Package! ($1,000 Value)

You'll be given access to the Empath Empowerment Package, a series of bonus gifts from our partners that includes free audio recordings and eBooks with a value of $1,000!


A portion of all proceeds directly benefit multiple Empath Connection scholarship winners. Your purchase makes a difference! 


"The Complete Empath Toolkit is a fantastic resource for empaths and anyone interested in connecting with their intuitive and energetic abilities."
- Hillary Welles, co-author of The Female Power Within

"Totally life changing!  Michael shares brilliant techniques to eliminate the impact of lower vibratory energy. His profound knowledge is truly a gift to the world."  
- Debra Poneman, Bestselling author of theChicken Soup for the Soul series & founder, Yes to Success Seminars

"A comprehensive, refreshingly grounded approach 
to living your Spiritual truth here on Earth."

- Mark David Gerson, award winning author of The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write.

"Michael, you are doing beautiful work." 
-Sonia Choquette, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Answer is Simple

Grab Your Copy Today!

Arm Yourself With Practical Techniques to Protect and Shield Yourself.

Don't wait any longer when you could be free from soaking up more heavy unwanted energy.

You can start working with your empath powers right now.

You DON'T Have to Silently SUFFER With 
Other's Negative Energy or Emotions any longer!

intuitive empath
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The Complete Empath Toolkit

All eBooks can be read on most mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

The 247-page Empath Toolkit eBook  (.pdf)($67 Value)
"Navigating The Shift: Thriving in Earth's New Age" eBook
(142 pages) ($22 Value)
Two professional Audio Seminars  (.Mp3)
($40 Value).
Bonus eBook - "How to Interpret Your Dreams"
($30 Value)
8 hours worth of Audio Class Instructions with Dr. Smith and Two Printed Transcripts
($275 Value)

NEW! Empath Empowerment Package (Bonus Gifts) ($1,000 Value)
VIP Invitation for a Personal Mentoring Summits with Dr. Smith  
($395 Value)


$1,829.00 Value

Now $147.00 intuitive empath

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How Will YOU Be Impacted?

"I love your book - read it all.  It helped me to understand my empathic nature, acknowledge and accept it, and, most importantly, it inspired me to start this journey of wisdom, love and learning of my own self to prepare to help others better:):):):)  Thank you so much again for the wonderful knowledge and soul  warmth you are sharing with people!"

- Vera, MA.

"I became aware that i was an empath just a few weeks ago.  Since then i've been "gulping" information as quick as i can find it.  I have to tell you that the empath toolkit (which i just finished) was a real blessing.  The material you present has made me start focusing much more on questions and much less on answers.  I now know that the answers that i need will come.  I'll be sending in a request to do a session with you soon, but i just wanted to tell you how helpful your program is."                             
- Paul, Missouri.

"I just got through listening to your seminar and Love it.  I found many of my questions answered.  You have such a smooth, almost hypnotic delivery.  I absolutely LOVE hearing your voice feeding me all this wisdom...amazing stuff here!"
                                                            - Kristi C., Texas


"Your book came into my life at the right time. You are an amazingly talented writer. As good as Neale Donald Walsch and all the others."   
- Mariah, Canada.

"Loved it!  I have listened to it several times and can't wait to move to the next one.  I keep listening to it because there are so many profound ideas."

- Sara S., Pennsylvania


"Michael, this is amazing!  I can't believe you put this together in such a comprehensive way.  I am astonished.  I started reading and in about ten minutes I was sleeping.  I had some dream images that I don't understand.  Something shifted just in the reading.  Just amazing, you are a great writer, a fun writer, and the information is really potent.

                                                              - Karla, Oregon

"A work of art Michael. I'm keeping it handy since there are a lot of exercises and resources in it that I'll frequently refer to. Congratulations on your remarkable book."   
- Susan, TX.

  Grab Your Copy Today!

Dr. Michael R. Smith
Evergreen, CO


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